Adding multiple SSL checks to 'Ops' via API.

The Telegraf agents that are deployed via Cloud Proxies are very useful worker bees, you can give them tasks that can be very handy, I use them to track SSL certificate expiry and to all to add handy metrics like the day of the week, hour of the day etc. and these in turn can be used to create very granular symptoms.

Firstly - tracking SSL certificate expiry has be challenging if you have many certificates that you would like to track - to that end, I've made a script that can complete the following actions :

1. Parse a .csv that contains a list of endpoints to check (LDAP, URL etc.)

2. Add the individual task to a VM running your 'worker bee' Telegraf agent.

3. Create a corresponding symptom for each of the endpoints in the .csv file with a 30 day or less status. 

You can then add these symptoms to a new alarm or alarm on any 'child' objects for the 'Custom Script' to be notified if any hit less than 30 days remaining.

Jump on over to my GitHub repo to grab the SSL countdown code….and go to this section to grab the useful metrics code


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